Cindy Campbell PR
Helping writers, musicians,  visual artists, performers, and “Good Deed Doers” get their creative ideas 
into the world.

My name is Cindy Campbell, and I love to manage the flow of information between individuals and the public. In the 21st century, managing that flow can be tricky, scary, difficult, and costly.

I help my clients get their products, messages, and/or brands into the world as fast and efficiently as possible, using social media and a few old school ideas, too.  Whatever works. 

I work with writers, musicians, performing and visual artists, and even "Good Deed Doers" to get their creative work out into the world.

Whether it’s a new book, recording, video, painting or performance, I can match you with the media outlets that will give you the best exposure.

I even encourage my clients to team up at events to provide powerful cross marketing--a singer performs at a book signing, a writer’s books are sold at a concert, etc.

I have helped with Kickstarter campaigns to raise funds for tours and exhibitions, and I often direct clients to other vendors who work with me to improve the look and feel of promotional materials.

Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and we can brainstorm!

"It will seem as though Cindy Campbell just magically gets your book out there but, behind the scenes, she's working like crazy. I've seen her create amazing success stories for many writers; she knows what she's doing. Cindy is focused, hard-working, imaginative, and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

      --Judy Goldman, author of Losing My Sister